Everyone has a life journey, including our very own children, and the learning of it begins at home. Made ideally for young readers, The Cookie-Flower Rock Kids series is designed to spark a love of reading and life learning for children while building stronger communities through the vehicle of quality mentorship.

Children are more prone to read what they like, so this series attracts young readers with fun and relatable characters, amusing storylines and vivid illustrations. Each compelling story is written with a central theme and a Parent Soapbox section at the end of each book to continue the discussion. This aids parents and guardians to take and apply the lessons learned from each book to the everyday lives of their children. This book series will not only help to equip young minds with empowering lifelong teachings, but also result in stronger relationship bonds in the home that ultimately leads to a stronger and healthier society as a whole.

The Journey

The Cookie-Flower Rock Kids is a book series that follows the lives of Kyla, Devin and Kris-Alex. To the young siblings, the world can be a very strange place as they experience different adventures, face challenges and grow. Join them on their journey as they learn the facts of life and world around them from their unique perspective with excitement, warmth and good cheer!