Kyla, the dreamer

Kyla is the eldest sibling and twin sister to Devin. She is highly creative with a very big heart. Her Mother Hen persona compels her to nurture and protect her siblings and peers. Although she tries her best to do the right thing, sometimes her well intentioned plans get her into some sticky situations.


Devin, the thinker

Devin is the second oldest of the siblings. When this musical genius is not busy perfecting her mean drum solo, she's lost reading a great book! As the middle child, Devin sometimes finds herself uncertain of her unique place in the world, which often leads her on the path of many interesting discoveries.


Kris-Alex, the doer

Kris-Alex is the youngest of the trio, but far from a baby! With an independent and quick nature, this whiz kid is an unstoppable force. Endowed with endless energy and excitement for living, Kris-Alex's curiousity-fueled shenanigans usually end with very interesting results!